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Project : Herpetoculture (P:H) is a podcast that seeks to explore the art, practice, and discipline of herpetoculture. Hosted by Phillip Lietz and Roy Arthur Blodgett, P:H offers long form discussions with some of herpetoculture's brightest practicioners. From legendary keepers and industry leaders, to devoted hobbyists working at the home scale, we intend to give a platform to all the best that the herpetoculture community has to offer. Our driving ambition is to nurture thoughtful discourse that can explore the deeper implications, motivations, and methods behind what we do as herpetoculturists. 

Interested in supporting the show?

There are many ways to do so: consider subscribing on Patreon, purchase some merchandise, or check out our sponsors.

We greatly appreciate every bit of support as we grow the capacity and scope of the show. We have ambitions to do much more, but it will only be possible with the help of our listeners!

About the hosts:

Phil is the owner of Arids Only and focuses primarily on Uromastyx and Xenagama. He's also a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Illustrator, disciplines which contribute to his methods and concepts within Herpetoculture.

Phil ornates.jpeg
Phil and Pork Chop.jpeg
phil xenagama babies.jpeg

Roy is the proprietor of Wellspring Herpetoculture, and keeps an eclectic array of reptiles with a focus on naturalistic, biotope husbandry. His background as a naturalist and ecological educator strongly inform his practice in herpetoculture, and he is constantly striving to progress his husbandry and encourage a broader range of natural behaviors in the animals in his care.


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